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155th St. Interchange

MoDOT is reconstructing the I-49 and 155th Street interchange and replacing the bridge over I-49 to better accommodate the growing area. The purpose of the project is to reconstruct the I-49 and 155th Street interchange using an innovative new design to handle the expected larger volume of traffic, enhance the area for anticipated new development and still accommodate existing traffic in both Belton and Grandview.

In addition to providing smoother, more efficient traffic flow to this growing area, MoDOT will construct a dedicated shared use path for all non-motorized vehicles and pedestrian traffic.


Water Tower

In April 2013, the citizens of Belton approved revenue bonds to construct improvements to the drinking water and wastewater systems, including a new water tower, which is now located in Markey Park and is the largest water tower by volume in the State of Missouri. The new water tower benefits include:

• Increased ability to meet demands of the community in the near-
and the long-term, allowing the City to grow responsibly

• Improved safety of the community in regard to fire suppression

The City was successful in securing low interest loans from the State of Missouri to fund the $5.6 million water tower and associated water line upgrade project, saving millions of dollars in interest expenses over the next 20 years.

Upgraded Sanitary Sewer Treatment Plant

The City of Belton has completed its $11.5 million, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant and pumping station upgrade.

The plant represents a significant technological upgrade for the City of Belton’s wastewater treatment processes and features a new SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system that alerts operators to potential problems with water pressure and flow, as well as equipment issues or malfunctions.

The upgraded wastewater treatment facility includes a new headworks building and influent pumping station, both of which replaced aging and outdated structures and were designed and constructed to accommodate projected flows outlined in the City’s Wastewater Treatment Master Plan.